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Copyright Notice:
All artwork and materials contained on this website are copyrighted by the artist whose work is represented. No image or picture may be downloaded or copied without written permission from the artist. Many of the painting images may be available for sale in original or in print form by contacting the artist directly or through inquiry to the Iowa Pastel Society.

Kathleen Almelien
Agnes M. Apicella
Shari Baeth
Marnie Barnett
Janet Bernhard
Ann BIshop McGregor
Stewart Buck
Diane R. Bruce
Enid Cancilla
Jeanine Carithers
Joan Chadima
Tom Christopher
William Close
Susan C. Colby
Susan Coleman
Saundra Devick
Helene Donta
Pam Douglas
Janet Drake
Mary Dutcher
Bonnie Erickson
Larry Ertz
John Evans
Katrina Garner
David Garrison
Donna Gibson
Dan Griffith
Carol Gunn
Jody Gunn
Floriana Hayes
Julie Heidenreich


Barbara Heitzman
Ellen T. Henkels
Will Hildebrandt
Cecile Houel
Vicki Kandora
Gordon Kellenberger
Lora Kelly-Benck
Linda Kielsmeier
Ann Koch
Diane Blair Kunzler
Kendall Kunzler Lensch
Gin Lammert
Kathleen Lenaghan
Laura Lengeling
Noma Lucas
Linda Mark
Jean Melick
Ann Bishop McGregor
Carroll Michalek
Penelope Miller
Ann Mowery
Paul Monska
Suzi Morrison
Cindy Motsinger
Louise Muelhaupt
Ruth Muir
Mary Muller
Patsy Murphy
Louise O'Donnell


Ann Olsson
Barb Prall
Denice Peters
John Preston
Billie Recher
Joni Reed Cooley
Madeline Roemig Bendorf
Martha Rhoades
Robert Richtsmeier
Linda Scallon
Lyn Schuck
Kathy Schumacher
Dell B. Secor
Chris Slauson
Joan l. Sullivan
Neoma Thomas
Iyla Thill-Ferguson
Marcia Wegman
Beppie Weiss
Melinda Wiesner
Karen Young